‘Parents send girls to sell bodies for food’

With child prostitution rife in the Free State and rapidly growing, it has emerged that some parents are actually sending their daughters onto the streets to earn an income to help feed the family.

This is the situation in Harrismith and surrounding areas in the eastern Free State where community members have told The New Age that prostitution had become a “normal occurrence” among young women.

An employee at a garage near where some girls ply their trade said the age of street girls was steadily decreasing.

“We see girls as young as 14 being brought here and we are still trying to figure out how they get here.”

He said some travel to QwaQwa and other areas of the eastern Free State to try to make a living.

“These girls should be at school, not doing this nonsense,” he said.

The worker, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he regularly interacted with girls and some of them told him that they were forced by their parents to sell their bodies.

Harrismith is a trade route to various parts of the country and has become a hub of prostitution in the province.

The girls target the truck drivers who stop for a rest or a quick bite at the local truck stop.

Some of the drivers who sleep over hire women to stay with them overnight.

Lecholo Nkabanti, a Commission on Gender Equality spokesperson who deals mainly with human trafficking in the Free State, agreed that child prostitution was on the rise in the province.

“Some of the families here send their children to do prostitution in order to survive,” Nkabanti said.

Last year the commission worked mainly in the eastern Free State where it interviewed girls about their reason for choosing sex work.

He said the commission came to the conclusion that sometimes the decision was made by parents and that “poverty leads the pack” for this choice.


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‘How do I get better at sex?’

‘How do I get better at sex?’ – IOL Lifestyle | IOL.co.za

QUESTION: This is a weird question, but how do I get better at sex? My boyfriend is much older than me and way more experienced. I don’t have any complaints about him, and no one’s said I’m bad at it before. He hasn’t said anything, but I get the feeling that it’s just OK. I want our sex life to be great. I tried to watch porn to get some ideas and new techniques, but it turns me off. Is there any way to get better at sex? – YR


ANSWER: Actually, it’s not a weird question, and I wish more people would take an active interest in improving their sex lives, to please their partners and themselves.

In a recent online survey for CommitmentNow.com, 52 percent of people reported that they were unhappy with their sex lives. I hope they, like you, are being proactive in addressing that concern.

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but if you’re having it, it should be good. And if it’s not, it’s worth working on to make it so. Life is too short to have bad, or mediocre, sex.

Start by communicating with your partner that you want to step up your game when it comes to sex. There’s an implicit promise there that you’re willing to have more sex and try new things, which should go over marvellously.

Before you rush to the bedroom, talk to each other about your likes and dislikes and fantasies that you would like each other to fulfill. Remember to keep the conversation positive: “I really like it when you do X” or “Y drives me wild” will go over better than “I hate it when you XYZ”. This is an opportunity for improvement, not criticism.

Of course, there’s a difference between theory and application. So once your partner fills you in on what he likes and you’ve done the same, set a date and time – the sooner the better – to put your newfound information to good use.

Things may not improve immediately, but a willingness to please is half the battle. Keep up the practice and the enthusiasm, and you’ll have your ideal sex life sooner rather than later.

I realise that not everyone is comfortable talking about sex, even with the person with whom they are having it. If the idea of talking frankly with your partner about your sex life is unfathomable, you still have some options.

In the bedroom – or wherever you and your partner like to get it on – ask your partner to be explicitly vocal about what he likes so you’ll have cues about what works best for him. Use his verbal cues to figure out what he enjoys the most, and whatever that is, do it more often and with more enthusiasm. Ask him to take the same approach with you.

There’s also an option that seems to baffle some people when I suggest it: Take a sex class. For anything else that people don’t know, seeking instruction is a logical step, but when it comes to sex, some find it taboo. It shouldn’t be.

A few months ago, I signed up for a class, “How to Have Better Sex”, being held at one of my local sex shops. I did it partially because it was a work assignment – plus I was wildly curious about what went on there. Would it be like a high school biology class that focused on how parts work, or would it get to the nitty-gritty of how parts are best pleasured?

Turns out the answer was both. The instructors quickly ran through the basics of anatomy so we all knew what there was to work with, where everything was located and which nerve endings were the most sensitive. Then they got into the tips and tricks of how to best please your partner (and/or yourself), which took up most of the class. It was well worth the price.

My only complaint about the class, which has nothing to do with the instruction, was the lack of men in attendance. Of the 30 or so participants, just two were men, who had shown up with their wives. Hopefully, men are finding ways to improve their performance – because sex is something at which both sexes should be striving to be better – in a more hands-on route and not just assuming they know it all. – The Root / The Washington Post News Service


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Woman who auctioned virginity: ‘Im still a virgin’

A 20-year-old Brazilian girl, who auctioned off her virginity to the highest bidder in October last year, says she is still a virgin.

After having ‘sold’ her most ”priced possession” on an online auction website for $780,000 (over R6m), Catarina Migliorini is now crying foul, claiming she was the victim of a scam.

“I felt I was a victim … I was misled by Mr. Justin Sisely,” Migliorini was quoted by Huffington Post as saying.

“I believe he is trying to defraud me and others,” she said.

According to Migliorinia the man from Japan known as “Natsu”, who made the bid in 2012, did not match the description she had been given by auction organiser Justin Sisely. Migliorinia says she went to meet the man in Australia but they never had sex.


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A man and a woman were engaged in heated sexual intercourse. The woman was screaming and wiggling like she had never before.

Afterwards, she flings the lights on and stares him straight in the eyes. “You know you were fucking me in the ass, don’t you?”

“I wasn’t quite sure,” replied the man.

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2013 JEEP COMPASS 2.0 LTD Manual for sale – R 40,900 (Cash only)

2013 JEEP COMPASS 2.0 LTD Manual for sale - R 40,900 (Cash only)

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google maps catches hooker giving a handjob

A young lady that likes to frequent the back alleys of Manchester was caught on Googles Street View handing (ahem) out a handie to a punter/boyfriend.

The randy couple did not seem to be too bothered about the approaching cars, with neither the man pulling up his trousers to protect his modesty or the woman letting go of the gentleman’s member as the Google camera car approached.

The pictures, taken along Temperance Street, Manchester, UK, is meters away from main arterial routes and within a few minutes’ walk of Manchester Piccadilly train station, the key transport hub for Manchester. The area has a reputation as a known hang out for “Ladies of the Night”.

Google has since removed the images and updated them with older versions.