Woman who auctioned virginity: ‘Im still a virgin’

A 20-year-old Brazilian girl, who auctioned off her virginity to the highest bidder in October last year, says she is still a virgin.

After having ‘sold’ her most ”priced possession” on an online auction website for $780,000 (over R6m), Catarina Migliorini is now crying foul, claiming she was the victim of a scam.

“I felt I was a victim … I was misled by Mr. Justin Sisely,” Migliorini was quoted by Huffington Post as saying.

“I believe he is trying to defraud me and others,” she said.

According to Migliorinia the man from Japan known as “Natsu”, who made the bid in 2012, did not match the description she had been given by auction organiser Justin Sisely. Migliorinia says she went to meet the man in Australia but they never had sex.


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