Mayor probed in porn row

Mayor probed in porn row – Crime & Courts | IOL News |

Cape Town – Cederberg municipality mayor Jonas White is being investigated by police for allegedly sending pornographic pictures to his deputy, including of his erect penis covered in cream and decorated with a strawberry, the Sunday Times has reported.

White allegedly offered his deputy, Lorna Scheepers, a private trip for the two of them to Durban at municipal expense, the newspaper said.

Details of these incidents were contained in an affidavit submitted by Scheepers to the Western Cape executive committee of the ANC.

The party’s provincial secretary, Songezo Mjongile, confirmed that the party was investigating the allegations.

Police spokesman Novela Potelwa also confirmed the investigation.

White’s spokesman, Anthony Mlata, said: “

The mayor does not recall sending inappropriate messages to any of the citizens in the municipal area in his official capacity.”

ANC provincial chairman Marius Fransman said: “

We are taking these allegations very seriously.”

He said that once an assessment was finalised White could be disciplined.

In the meantime the mayor would continue with his duties.


Texas women sue website, host over “revenge porn”


If you’ve never heard of “revenge porn,” count yourself among the lucky ones. A group of Texas women are taking their battle to court to fight back against a website that publishes explicit photos of women without their consent.

Revenge porn is described as explicit, often nude, photos submitted to a website by a scorned ex-lover. Often times these sites will also publish identifying information, like the woman’s name, age or a screenshot of their Facebook profiles.

A group of 25 women in Texas are filing a class action lawsuit against and its hosting company,, and are requesting a permanent injunction on the website.

Hollie Toups, 32, speaking with CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, said she shocked to find her semi-nude photos on the site, along with identifying information. Toup, who works as a teacher’s aide in Beaumont, Texas, believes her ex-boyfriend submitted her private photos to the website. The exposure on the site has already affected her life offline.

“I was at a store one day and somebody was like hey you’re the girl from that website,” Toups told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

One of the challenges Toups and her cohorts face is that is run by an anonymous party and the website is protected by Domains By Proxy – a paid service that conceals a website owner’s personal information.

“I am very confident I will find that person,” says John S. Morgan, plaintiff’s attorney, told CBS Dallas-Forth Worth. “It really touched my heart the amount of emotional devastation every one of these women have suffered.”

Ultimately, the women want the website shut down and the identity of the administrator exposed, but the damage may have already been done.

“It was humiliating. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I started questioning people’s politeness,” Toups said, and wondered if in the backs of people minds they were thinking, “I saw you on that site.”

GoDaddy did not immediately respond to CBS News’ request for comment.


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TopTV looking to porn again for rescue

TopTV looking to porn again for rescue | Channel24

Cape Town – On Digital Media (ODM) which runs TopTV has launched a second attempt to introduce pornographic TV channels in South Africa exactly a year after the country’s broadcasting regulator denied TopTV’s first application.

TopTV is currently under business rescue according to the Companies Act and seems to now believe that porn will save it.

Icasa confirmed to Channel24 that TopTV filed its second application for porn channels at the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) just before Christmas.

TopTV CEO Eddie Mbalo responded to a media enquiry, saying “this is a new application and not necessarily what was denied to TopTV by the regulator.”

The South African public and all interested parties have 21 working days from 19 December to comment on TopTV’s porn channel plans with correspondence which can be sent to the following concerned party:

Ndondo Dube
Broadcasting Licencing Unit, Licencing and Compliance Division
Block D, Pinmill Farm, 164 Katherine Street, Sandton Johannesburg, or

Fax 011 566 3200, or


Dented image

TopTV applied in 2011 to Icasa to launch a porn package as a separate bouquet with a set of 24-hour pornographic TV channels – Private Spice, Adult XXX and Playboy Europe – during Christmas 2011, although the operator had no approval on the channel application.

In a resultant court case following an urgent court interdict by Icasa, the South Gauteng High Court said TopTV had to wait for Icasa to have the public hearing on the channels. TopTV didn’t appear before Icasa to answer questions regarding its own application and in early 2012 TopTV’s porn application was denied.

TopTV’s plans were met with huge public resistance. Scores of outraged TopTV subscribers cancelled their contracts and TopTV investors threatened to disinvest from the company.

All of it dented TopTV’s public image and damaged its brand.

TopTV’s first CEO, Vino Govender, at the TopTV launch in May 2010 said the company is run “with strong Christian ethical codes and we are not planning to introduce a porn channel” and that TopTV “doesn’t want to poison the minds of millions of South African children out there”.

In February 2012 TopTV announced that Govender was out with immediate effect, suddenly replaced by Mbalo as the new interim CEO. Later in 2012 Mbalo said Govender had “no broadcasting experience”.

Porn to save the business?

Now TopTV, which is looking for something to save the troubled pay-TV operator, is looking at porn as a possible saviour of its business.

TopTV is trying for a second time and has submitted an application for authorisation for such channels to Icasa again.

TopTV has lost a number of general TV channels from its bouquet – the latest being three channels from Turner at the end of December without providing a reason.

The company entered business rescue at the end of October but has made no public announcement about the application for the new channels.

Asked whether TopTV has any news to share regarding its business rescue plan, Mbalo said that “the business rescue practitioner will communicate at an appropriate time any information that is for public consumption”.

Asked why TopTV decided to apply for this type of channel again, Mbalo said “all the questions related to our application to Icasa will be responded to when we have our opportunity to respond during the public hearings if they do occur.

“The future of TopTV will be communicated at an appropriate time as part of the business rescue plan.” 




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Sheen living with porn star girlfriend

Sheen living with porn star girlfriend – IOL Tonight |

London – Charlie Sheen is already living with his new porn star girlfriend.

The ‘Anger Management’ actor has been romancing 24-year-old Georgia Jones since October, and the pretty brunette has moved into the 47-year-old star’s Los Angeles mansion.

According to gossip website TMZ, Charlie is taken with Georgia because she only does girl-on-girl porn, unlike his former goddess Bree Olson.

Friends of Charlie say he hasn’t been this serious about a girl since he was dumped by Bree via text message almost two years ago.

Charlie moved Bree into his house in January 2011, along with model Natalie Kenly, during the height of his drug taking and referred to them both as his “goddesses”.

However, the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star – who has two daughters, Sam, eight, and Lola, seven, with his second wife Denise Richards, three-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, with his third wife Brooke Mueller and 27-year-old daughter Cassandra from his relationship with Paula Profit – recently claimed his house is now “normal” after both Natalie and Bree moved out.

When asked if he’d appear in a fly-on-the-wall TV show, Charlie said: “The mystery would be over if I did that, man. It’s a pretty mellow, pretty normal house. There’s kids, there’s animals … my kids and animals.

“My parents are there a lot and it’s just a really nice vibe there.” – Bang Showbiz


Swedish TV channel accidentally broadcast porn during evening news

Video: Swedish TV channel accidentally broadcast porn during evening news – TV & Radio, Entertainment –

THE definition of ‘sexy news’ has been taken to a whole new level after a Swedish TV station accidentally broadcast porn in the background of a news show.

Station TV4 was broadcasting a discussion segment on Russia’s involvement in the Syrian crisis when viewers noticed the erotic material on a screen behind the host.

Viewer Daniel Ek told Swedish paper The Local: “At first I realised I was looking at a naked woman and it quickly became clear she was having sex. It didn’t take long before I realised it was a porn film.


“The image wasn’t exactly in focus, but it wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on”, he continued.


He offered his own theories as to how the mix up happened: “I had two theories. One is that someone was pissed off after getting fired and put the porno up as act of revenge. My other thought was that someone had simply screwed up.”

The channel stated the incident was caused by a mix up in the feed – as the station’s parent company also operate adult channels.

News editor Andreas Haglind said: “It’s not like we were directly broadcasting porn. Put simply, it’s crap that it happened. We’re going to do everything we can so that it doesn’t happen again.”


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Porn actress turn to pop music in ‘We Are The Party’


The line between mainstream pop music and adult entertainment gets blurred with the release of the debut single by The Ex-Girlfriends, led by pornographic actress Little Lupe, called “We Are The Party.”

Within the last several years, the line between mainstream and adult entertainment has blurred. You have adult actresses having minor to major parts in various mainstream movies. For example, porn actresses such as Jenna Haze had a very minor role in “Crank 2” starring Jason Statham. There was “The Girlfriend Experience” which starred Sasha Grey who played the role of an escort who documented her life and profession during 2008 leading up to the 2008 United States Presidential Elections. In “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” Jenna Jameson did the voice of the porn actress Candy Suxxx. Porn actress Heather Hunter transitioned into a hip-hop singer.

Apparently, it seems that adult entertainment and the pop music genre have merged. You may or may not have ended up getting a random pop-up ad out of nowhere. The pop up ad was a way of advertising the debut single of this all-girl pop group called “The Ex-Girlfriends.” However, one shouldn’t get this group mixed up with a currently existing all-female band called “Ex-Girlfriend.”

The Ex-Girlfriends is seemingly led by porn actress Lupe Fuentes who also goes by the name “Little Lupe.” According to the group’s website, the Ex-Girlfriends consists of Lupe, four other girls, a DJ, and their “bunny mascot.” It is explained that the person wearing the mascot suit as Hollywood actor Danny Trejo who has played in notable movies such as “Machete,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Con-Air,” “Desperado,” “Predators,” etc. Besides Lupe, the other four members are: Smash, Baby J, Dee-Love, and Tee-Money.

It is explained that those members have a resume of being either dancers and/or choreographers for major musical artists. In this respect, Fuentes is the only member to have a past in adult entertainment.

However, it’s not known on the level of success the group will receive. On the group’s YouTube page, the video for the debut single called “We Are The Party” has received a little over 208K in views since its upload on November 29. Apparently, the reception has been more negative than positive. While there are 3,100+ likes, there are almost 5,200+ dislikes.

On its iTunes page, the single got some positive reception. Keep in mind that there are only 16 ratings at the moment.

In a entry on the blog called “Today’s Pop Music,” dated December 4, the author also received a pop-up ad in which the music video for the debut song. The entry said that the production wasn’t bad. However, the blog post’s author said that Fuentes’ voice made what was supposed to be a catchy song become unbearable to listen to.

Apparently, the author didn’t know about Fuentes’ career as a porn actress as there was no mention of it in the blog post.

In short, this is an example on how the line between adult entertainment and mainstream pop music has made a blur. Currently, you can download the song from Apple iTunes for $.99. This is one of those songs that you can either love or hate. Reception is rather mixed. While on YouTube, the reception is more negative, the group’s Facebook page has over 20,000 likes.


Mommy Porn? How dare men put down women’s sexual fantasies’

It was by chance that EL James, the creator of the publishing phenomenon of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey, began writing about sadomasochistic sex. While browsing in a bookshop in Hampstead some years ago, she picked up Macho Sluts, a collection of eye-wateringly explicit stories of dominatrixes and dungeons by American author Pat Califa.

“It was my first taste of something really hardcore, and I thought: this is interesting. After that, I read some more BDSM [bondage and discipline, dominance and submission and sadomasochism] and wondered: what would happen if someone from that world met somebody who didn’t know anything about it?”

That idea was the kernel of the Fifty Shades trilogy, a sequence that has coined the salacious moniker “mommy porn”.

Told from the perspective of student and virgin Anastasia Steele, the books follow the story of her seduction by an emotionally damaged, ridiculously handsome billionaire called Christian Grey. Grey is a skilled proponent of BDSM, and their romance unfurls against a backdrop of whips and handcuffs.

Initially spread by word of mouth, and helped by the discretion afforded by e-books, Fifty Shades was the fastest paperback to sell one million copies, the bestselling book in the UK and had the biggest weekly global sale of a book (665,000 copies), with James becoming Amazon’s biggest-selling author.


Mother-Daughter Porn Duo Jessica Sexxxton, Monica Sexxxton

A mother and daughter in Tampa, Fla., have a unique way of expressing family togetherness — by creating a pornography site and shooting sex scenes together.

The duo — known collectively as “The Sexxxtons” — like many porn performers, don’t give out their last names. Jessica, the mom, and Monica, the daughter, have been creating kinky content for their self-titled website for the past year and have just released a DVD.

In order to confirm the Sexxxtons are really related and not just claiming that as a marketing gimmick, The Huffington Post reviewed both women’s driver’s licenses, and their private Facebook pages, as well as private family photos going back 20 years.

Although mother and daughter have sex in the same room at the same time — often with the same male or female partner — they insist that their encounters are not incestuous. For legal and personal reasons, they don’t actually touch each other during sex scenes.

“We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one,” Jessica, 56, explained to The Huffington Post. “We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.”

Monica, 22, said the kinky choreography is a lot more difficult than her mom makes it sound.

“It’s not easy to do,” she told HuffPost. “Our lips never touch and that can be a problem when filming.”

Those precautions, the Sexxxtons said, are what keeps their scenes from legally being incestuous, even if experts like Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, who has never treated the Sexxxtons, considers their activities to be “emotional incest.”

“This crosses so many lines, it’s like a labyrinth,” Lieberman told HuffPost. “Even if they’re not having sex with each other, it has to be titillating to one or both or them, so it crosses the line since sexual arousal comes into the mix.”


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