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Camaro ZL1 is a hurricane on wheels

Open-tops are for posers and real performance cars should always have a tin top – or so the stereotype goes.

But a lot of high-performance machines have been bucking this trend of late and it’s probably got more to do with consumers wanting to hear their V8 growl in all its glory than any kind of desire to experience a mini-hurricane in their face each time they take to the wheel.

Well, Chevrolet has now unleashed its fastest Camaro convertible ever with North American customers now able to experience GM’s supercharged 6.2-litre ‘LSA’ V8 with the top down.

This open-top will quickly quell any hairdresser jokes with its outputs of 432kW and 754Nm.

Keeping things as tidy as possible is a third-generation Magnetic Ride suspension system, with new dual-coil dampers at each corner able to adjust damping levels 1000 times a second. Testament to this car’s balance of power and handling is that the coupe version recently devoured the Nürburgring in just 7m41.27.

This Camaro also has a rather unique warranty with Camaro chief engineer Al Oppenheiser promising: “This car is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you drop the top – or hit the gas.” That’s if you’re actually able to exert any muscle movement in your face.

definitly dont need a big dick if u own one of these