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Angel Luvv – Perfect Body

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

After showing off her small tits and slender curves in a matching bra and panties, 18 year old Angel Luvv decides to put on an even hotter show. She gets naked and then goes to town caressing her palms on her sensitive breasts and pinching her tender nipples, then works her way down to press her fingers deep into her tight cum hungry twat.

Marilyn Moore – Get It Wet

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Bath time is the perfect excuse for buxom blonde Marilyn Moore to play with her large boobs and big areolas. Once she has made sure that her all natural knockers are slicked up with soap and water, her hands wander down her flat belly to her bald pussy. With the touch of her talented fingers, Marilyn soon has her hips bucking in ecstasy.

Alex Tanner – Selfies

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Taking selfies for the various men in her life that will open their wallets to see her naked brings in some extra cash for hottie Alex Tanner. The redhead coed is always horny at the thought of getting paid, so when she's done taking pictures she sheds her clothes and arranges herself on the rug in anticipation of some hot pussy play.

Alex Tanner – Dildo Pleasure

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Filling and fucking her cock hungry twat is the only thing besides a big wallet that makes Alex Tanner happy. The luscious redhead gets started by slipping off her bra and then pulling her thong up into her landing strip puss. Once her underwear are gone, the 19 year old gets down on her knees to prepare for some masturbation fun!

Angel Luvv – Blonde Beauty

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Blonde amateur Angel Luvv may have a sweet face, but her cum hungry body will do whatever it takes for a good time. Don't miss this cute coed as she takes her clothes off and explores her small natural breasts and juicy bald pussy on camera for the very first time.

Aidra Fox – Top Off

Friday, August 29th, 2014

After enjoying some sun on a warm spring day, Aidra Fox realizes that she's way overheated. Peeling off her shirt and shorts to get down to her bikini she tries to cool off by stepping into the pool and running water all over her sun-kissed body, especially her breasts. The pool water helps cool her down, but once she has started her tit massage the brunette babe finds that she just can't stop! She pulls her bra down, caressing her breasts with one hand while the other sneaks into her swimsuit to cup her moist pussy. Knowing that she is eager to masturbate, Aidra heads inside where she can have some privacy. In the bathroom she runs herself a bath as the water fills the tub. As the tub fills up with bubbles, she reaches down to spread those all over her horny tits and landing strip pussy to get herself nice and slicked up. Finally, she can't stand the sweet anticipation any longer and she reaches one hand down between her legs to stroke her hard clitoris. Realizing that her fingers won't quite do it for her after so much foreplay, Aidra turns to a waterproof vibrator to fill her tight twat while she continues to work her sensitive tits and rock hard nipples with her other hand. As the strokes of her toy come faster and harder, the hot coed quickly reaches the point of no return. Her climax rocks through her, causing her voluptuous tits to bounce and her muscles to contract as pleasure explodes through her body and leaves her finally satisfied and ready to rinse off.

Marilyn Moore – Enjoying Herself

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

19 year old Marilyn Moore will stop at nothing to enjoy sexual pleasures. After peeling off her colorful bra and thong, the blonde coed gets down to business using her talented fingers and a vibrating toy to stuff her bald dripping snatch full and fuck herself until her moans fill the room.

Angel Luvv – Hardcore

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

A sweet makeout session between Angel Luvv and her boyfriend gets gradually hotter and heavier as Angel's lover pulls up her dress to kiss and suck her small boobs, then relieves her of her clothes completely. He takes his time getting up close and personal licking Angel's creamy bald pussy, and she does the same with her guy's rock hard dick. Now that they are both warmed up, nothing will keep these lovers apart! They start out on the couch with Angel on her back spreading her long legs wide to welcome a big dick in her tight twat, and soon they shift to spooning so that Angel can enjoy her first climax. Finally the couple shifts to their feet so that Angel's man can dominate her from behind, delivering a hard fast pussy pounding that sends Angel moaning and pulsing over the edge again as her beau pulls out and releases his hot load all over her perfect ass.

Aidra Fox – Foxy

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Back from a day of shopping, sexy Aidra Fox is feeling a little horny. She takes things slow to start, seducing herself with the thought of a good time until her nipples are rock hard beneath her crop top. Only then does she give in to the urge to slide her hands over her medium breasts and then down her inner thighs to rest on her needy slit. Those tender caresses soon lead to something more substantial as Aidra grasps her tits with firmer squeezes. After a few moments of playing with her breasts, Aidra finally peels off her short shorts so that only her lacy panties are between her talented fingers and the soft sweetness of her landing strip pussy. Although she enjoys the naughty feeling of sliding her hand into her panties to fondle her sensitive clitoris, soon the cute coed shimmies out of her panties so that there's nothing in the way of her ultimate pleasure. Her fingers easily slide into the tight warmth of her dripping fuck hole, making it easy for her to spread her pussy juices up and down her slit and rub her clitoris before she turns to her vibrator. Rising to her feet, she presses the vibrating tip to her sensitized clitoris and leans back against the wall as her toy goes to work. Soon her whole body quivers and quakes with the power of her orgasm as Aidra rides the wave of passion.

Katy Rose – Slim Body Cutie

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

19 year old Katy Rose is a gorgeous petite blonde with perky little tits tipped with rock hard nipples that she loves to squeeze. Once this hottie gets it into her head that she wants to get herself off, nothing will stop her from stripping naked and pleasuring her bald juicy twat with her magic fingers.