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The bosses wife – part 1

Nadia and I had been using our video conferencing and meeting room for
our Thursday  evening sessions for a few weeks and tonight we were
really enjoying ourselves. Nadia is my secretary  – a 19-year-old
petit dark redhead with small, firm pert tits topped with light pink
hard little nipples and pale smooth skin.  I’d say about 5’5′.

She began the evening on her knees both of us stripped while she
sucked smoothly on my cock. Nadia loves to suck cock and is a real
expert. It is great to run my fingers through her russet hair whilst
watching her tease my cock head with her warm mouth as she tickles and
kneads my heavy balls.  I often have to struggle not to come in great
welts of sperm in her mouth and desperately try to save that for much

This evening after a sensational blow job, I had fucked Nadia on the
main meeting room  table: holding her legs up under her knees with me
standing – watching as I slowly pumped my engorged cock in and out of
her hot young cunt.

Nadia ‘s cunt hair is russet like her head, and she is meticulous at
keeping it trimmed to just a light furze above her cunt gash.  She
even keeps a vanity case at the office containing her shaving
equipment and a dildo for the days that we can’t get together. She can
be a bit of a show off and has enjoyed showing me her shaving routine
and the time and care she puts into keeping her pussy smooth and her
cunt on full view in all its glorious detail.

Thus I am slow fucking her and I can see all the detail of her
wonderful youthful cunt: her swollen pussy lips sucking on my cock
head and her erect clit peeping in and out of its hood with my
thrusts.  After struggling not to shoot wedge after wedge of my come
into her young womb I go down on her.  I have a real close up view of
her wet cunt slit and take long slurps from her tight pink ass hole,
along and between her swollen cunt lips to her erect clit-nubbin.  She
goes wild for this and bumps and grinds her cunt into my face, more
especially when I slip a finger into her tight bottom.

We move to the low sofa that we keep in the video conferencing room
for chilling out after stressful meetings. Nadia kneels facing the
sofa, her knees on the floor and her white, smooth ass in the air.

This is a real sight: I see her buttocks, kneed them and spread them,
revealing her lovely ass hole. Nadia’s asshole is slightly puckered
and light pink as her skin is so fair like so many redheads.  Her cunt
slit really becomes visible in this position and I rub two fingers up
and down it whilst tickling her naughty little bottom hole with my
other hand.

With this smooth 19-year-olds cunt slit on such blatant pouting view I
could not wait another minute: my cock is raging and twitching for
entry into my young secretary’s tight cunt.  I slip in between her
knees and slowly rub my raging cock up and down Nadia’s enticing wet
slit.  Pre-cum seeps from the end of my cock and I dab this gently on
her pink bum hole.  I then gradually stick my cock into Nadia’s tight
smooth slick-moist cunt.

Watching my cock disappear into Nadia’s cunt is a joy and I slowly
pump it in and out of her.  I part her buttocks and the site of her
puckered ass hole drives me wild, winking slightly as my cock reaches
the edges of her cunt on my out thrust.  I reach around and squeeze
gently on her smooth little tits and she moans as my pace quickens. My
balls slap under to her russet pubic furze, my thighs slap at her
smooth buttocks, ‘yes, yes, yes’, she half hisses, half  screams,
‘yes, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, yes, fuck my pussy, oh fuck my
pussy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’.

I feel Nadia hit her first orgasm and she spasms on the end of my
cock, now just simply  buried to my balls in her cunt, knocking at the
door to her young womb, her hand rubbing at her engorged clit.  She
moans more softly now and turning to face me whispers, ‘I want you in
my bottom’.  It is more a command than a request and one that has my
cock nearly filling her womb with my full bolt of sperm.  I have only
fucked Nadia in the ass a couple of times before, and the tightness of
her little anus and ass, coupled with the view of my cock gradually
inching in it, with her whispered hissing, drives me wild.  On both of
the previous occasions I had launched ream after ream of sticky sperm
into her bowels after just three or four thrusts.  I was determined as
I removed my cock from Nadia’s cunt that this time I would last longer
before spending my weighty seed in her tight little bottom.

As I said, her ass hole was light pink and slightly puckered; she had
had more experience of ass fucking than I had.  Nevertheless, as I
started rubbing the head of my cock over her puckering pink hole, I
reflected on how tight it was and remembered that Nadia only liked
this if I eased my cock head in slowly, and then my cock itself
slowly, slowly to its length.  There was no question of thrusting
straight into her ass.

Nadia held her smooth white ass cheeks apart and I rubbed my cock over
and over the waiting pink sphincter.  When she was ready, as my cock
passed over this tight opening Nadia sat backward, her ass hole giving
slightly to the initial part of my cock head.  I held my rock hard
cock in place and Nadia gradually sat further back, until my cock head
popped slowly through her pink anus and into her waiting ass. A
marvellous sight – my entire cock head engulfed by my young
secretary’s hot little bottom hole and I felt my balls shudder in
readiness to fill Nadia’s ass with my sperm.

I remembered to keep calm though; I wasn’t going to shoot early
today.  The strain was enormous as my cock gradually entered further
into Nadia’s most intimate hole and I had to hold back from emptying
my sticky load in its entirety.  After my cock head was in I gradually
worked in another inch – Nadia hissing as her tight sphincter
stretched open to receive my pulsing cock shaft.

I had managed to work two inches into Nadia’s little bottom, when we
both had the shock of our lives.  My cock was easing nicely into
Nadia’s bum, when she turned around to try to see me working away at
filling her.  Her eyes suddenly widened in a mixture of shocked
surprise and real fear, and she yelped in surprise shifting slightly
forward, and forcing my cock to spring out of her lovely tight ass

The following minutes were a blur.  I followed Nadia’s gaze toward the
door – we left it unlocked, as we had been sure that no one would come
back to the office.  We were wrong tonight and I was completely
shocked by what I could see in the now open door: Flavia, my boss’s
wife had obviously been observing us for some time.  We hadn’t noticed
as we had been concentrating on the pleasure given by Nadia’s ass.

I had only met Flavia a couple of times before in the office and once
at a rare dinner at their house.  I had always admired her dark
beauty.  She was a dark skinned 25-year-old southern Italian with a
pretty face, dark eyes and a mass of curly dark hair in long ringlets
that cascaded across her shoulders.  She had always seemed distant, a
little superior even.  Nothing prepared me for how she looked now.

There were some moments of confusion.  After my cock had popped out of
Nadia’s little bottom, I had approached the now fully open door.  At
the sight of Flavia I thought immediately that I was in great trouble
- caught naked with my cock in an impressionable young secretary’s ass
was not something that was expected of me in the office, the more so
as we had been caught by the boss’s wife.  I took in the sight at the
same time as these  escalating worries and realised that Flavia had
been enjoying watching me fuck Nadia.

She must have tilted backwards and slipped – as she was now lying on
the floor with her legs splayed and her knees in the air.  Then it
became clearer how this had happened: she was wearing a smart black
skirt which she had hitched up to her waist, and her classy black silk
knickers were around her ankles – it was this that had clearly tripped
her.  At once I took in the fact that she was also wearing a smart
white silky blouse with a black sexy looking bra just visible beneath
it.  She also had on black stockings and black suspenders that
disappeared into her scrunched up skirt.  All at once I registered her
cunt, beautifully framed by the black skirt, stockings and suspender

Flavia’s cunt was magnificent. It was covered in a very full thick
bush of dark curly cunt hair. As she had slipped with her legs wide
open I could clearly see that this dark hair started at the base of
her cunt slit and fanned out either side of her cunt lips before
thickening further into a deep mass crowning her slit.  It then
continued very slightly in a thin line to her belly button.

Flavia had clearly been fingering herself vigorously before we had all
been shocked into interruption as I could see her swollen pussy lips
reddened and protruding from her lovely dark pussy bush.  Her
excitement had caused her slit to open very slightly looking like an
enticing pouting smile.

The situation was confused. Flavia was clearly as disturbed as we -
nervous tears of shame were now streaming down her face, as I stood
confused in front of her open legs.  My cock still proudly erect
though waning slightly with the dawning reality that my boss’s was
lying spread-eagled before me, her dark cunt in full view. Nadia was
cool minded enough to take charge of the situation.  Still completely
naked, she approached and took Flavia by the hand, leading her to the

Flavia was distraught and still dishevelled – her classy knickers lay
discarded on the floor and her skirt still hitched up around her
waist.  The sight is etched into my mind – my boss’s wife with Nadia
comforting her.  There was a wonderful contrast between Flavia’s
wildly dark and hairy cunt and Nadia’s well-trimmed controlled russet
cunt hair.  I could still just make out Flavia’s cunt slit, her legs
being partially open, while I could see Nadia’s full slit, her legs
parted and her smoothly shaved area displaying her still swollen pink
cunt lips.  The sight of these two contrasting cunts and the fact that
my naked secretary was now comforting my boss’s wife had my cock fully
throbbing again.

Through her sobs Flavia explained that since having their baby – 18
months ago – my B hadn’t so much as looked at her, despite her trying
to attract him with sexy underwear and clothing.  Nadia was clearly a
natural comforter, and had Flavia’s head on her shoulder where she
continued to sob, ‘I’m so desperate’ she said, ‘my pussy has seen
nothing but my own hands for nearly two years and I don’t know how
much more I can take’.

Nadia tried to soothe the distraught Flavia and her hand had now
reached down and was buried in Flavia lovely black cunt bush, stroking
her lovingly. ‘There, there, come on, you have a lovely pussy, I don’t
see can he ignore you’ she said and continued to stroke Flavia’s
lovely dark bush. Flavia began to respond to Nadia’s loving touch and
spread her legs wider,  allowing Nadia to trace her fingers along her
pussy lips and into her slit.  I thought that they had forgotten me
and stood there, my cock accusingly erect and fit to burst – I still
hadn’t come and the sights and sensations I had experienced this
evening had swollen my balls to bursting.

Nadia continued to caress Flavia’s dark cunt and had now located and
was teasing out  Flavia’s swollen clit.  Flavia was clearly responding
to Nadia’s loving caresses and had begun to moan softly, her hips now
gently moving in time with Nadia’s soft fingers.  Nadia was absorbed
in her work and Flavia’s head had was now resting between Nadia’s
perfect little tits, eyes closed, lost in the pleasures she had missed
for so long.  Nadia continued to compliment my boss’s wife on her body
and cunt, ‘what lovely thick hair, and such a warm, soft pussy’ she
said, and then to me, ‘come on, help poor Flavia – come and kiss her
poor pussy better’.

Flavia was by now lost in the sensations she was re-experiencing after
such long neglect. She had actually begun to suck upon Nadia’s little
tits and her hips were now grinding between the sofa and Nadia’s
expert fingers. She widened her legs further still, and taking this as
consent for me to follow Nadia’s suggestion, I approached and knelt
low between Flavia’s legs.  I couldn’t believe what had started, I was
now just inches from my boss’s wife’s  magnificent cunt, watching
closely as Nadia continued to stroke and play with Flavia’s distended
cunt lips and swollen clit.  After watching this view for some minutes
I moved in closer.

Flavia began to grind harder as my mouth first made contact with her
soft inner thigh, just inches below her cunt.  My vision was now
totally absorbed by Flavia’s thick black cunt hair, and dark swollen
pussy lips.  I could now smell the deep musk smells of her cunt and
followed this wonderful bouquet to my target. Pre-cum had already
begun to drip from my intensely throbbing cock.

I soon reached the base of Flavia’s hair framed slit and as my tongue
made its first probing exploration into the musk of Flavia’s cunt she
bucked and writhed down on to my face, engulfing me in her full mass
of curly bush.  I couldn’t believe that I was actually licking out my
boss’s wife’s cunt.  I soon got into a rhythm with Flavia’s bucking
hips and started to lick and nibble in turn at each of her pussy lips
before returning to the base of her slit and licking its entire length
to her swollen clit-nub. Flavia was bucking wildly, forcing her
soaking cunt into my face, and covering me with her slick cunt
juices.  When starting my long probing lick at the base of her sopping
slit I could only see the mass of her thick black bush.  Only when
working on her throbbing clit-nub I could glance up past this thick
impressive furze.

I could see that clever Nadia had managed somehow to undo the side
buttons on Flavia’s skirt and it now lay completely open, exposing her
suspender belts and belly.  She had also undone Flavia’s shirt and
loosened her bra.  Flavia’s full tits were now freed and in between
the pounding my face was having at the expense of Flavia’s bucking
cunt, I saw Nadia gently suckling on one and then the other of
Flavia’s dark motherly breasts.

Soon on one up my sweeps up between Flavia’s now streaming cunt slit I
felt her begin to shudder more and more.  Quickly her cunt was bucking
up and down my mouth in long regular strokes.  I could just about keep
my probing tongue in place as Flavia’s cunt pulsed up and down – now
from her exploding clit-nub all the way down to the base of her slit.

In the strength of her orgasm Flavia bucked higher and my tongue
actually made contact with her tight ass muscle.  I’d never have
imagined that I would ever have actually licked my boss’s wife’s ass
hole and I was equally surprised that lost in her orgasm, such a
usually upright, superior woman allowed her ass to be licked and
probed in this way.

As the initial spasms of Flavia’s orgasm began to subside, I felt
Nadia’s small hand behind my head, pressuring and rubbing my face into
Flavia’s pulsing cunt muscles.  Flavia bucked again and then Nadia
began to manoeuvre my head higher up, beyond Flavia’s throbbing clit-
nub, first mashing me into the full thick bush of Flavia’s mound and
then higher, to her belly-button, and on until I joined her in sucking
at Flavia’s motherly tits.

Flavia pushed me back slightly and I was soon kneeling between her
legs, my fully erect, aching cock standing proud inches above Flavia’s
lovely bushy mound, poised to enter her neglected cunt.  ‘Please, put
it in me’ said Flavia, ‘but please, please, don’t come in me, I was
pregnant after just once the last time’, she said, noticing that a
thick string of pre-cum had leaked from my cock-head and was matting
with her dark pubes.  I wiped my cock-head clean on her wonderful
bush, and prepared to enter Flavia’s cunt.  I could hardly believe
that I was about to fuck her.

Knowing that Flavia was my boss’s wife nearly took me over the edge. I
prepared to enter her by slowly rubbing my cock-head up and down her
sopping wet slit.  My cock-head parted her full cunt lips with each
stroke up and down her cunt-slit and her clit-nub throbbed each time I
reached it with my rubbing.  After five or six of these cunt-lip-
parting strokes, I found her cunt entrance and poised my cock head
over it, ready to push my cock shaft into my boss’s wife.

I could feel a strong heat and the entrance to Flavia’s cunt was slick
with juices.  My cock-head felt wonderful resistance as I lined up to
enter her.  Despite having given birth 18 months ago, it was clear
that Flavia’s neglected cunt had regained its tightness.  I edged my
cock-head into this hot, gripping cunt and Flavia bucked her hips in
shock, moaning, ‘oh, ooooh, mmm’ but, ‘please; don’t come in me,
please; don’t come in me’.

Nadia was now resting on Flavia’s shoulder, watching me feed my cock
slowly into Flavia.  She had spread her legs, and was now lying back
on the sofa, busy strumming at her clit-nub. The sight was amazing -
below my cock was easing between my boss’s wife full pussy lips, to
the side I could see Nadia rubbing her clit-nub, with the full length
of her smooth cunt slit clearly visible and glistening with her own
free flowing juices.

I slowly inched my cock-head and shaft into Flavia’s tight, hot cunt
and eventually felt the resistance of the entrance to her fertile
womb.  I began to slowly withdraw for the first out thrust, watching
as her cunt lips flowered around my cock shaft. I then started to
thrust my cock in smooth movements in and out of this wonderfully
tight cunt; from just inside her full, dark lips to the resistance of
her womb entrance.  I knew that I wouldn’t last long at all and that
if I were not careful I would soon fill this bucking womb with the
full load of my sperm.

Flavia soon began moaning louder and I could feel the pressure of her
strong cunt muscles clamping down on my cock shaft and cock head.  I
was close to coming and was sure that at the least some pre-cum must
have dribbled into Flavia’s dark cunt.  Nadia was lost, her own pale
hips bucked in time to the rubbing that she gave her clit-nub, her
juices flowing out of her smooth hairless slit and glistening around
her pink ass-hole.

Before long Flavia entered her orgasm.  Her hips bucked frantically
and she started hissing and moaning in her pleasure.  I was going to
empty my sperm into her, I was getting too close, but still Flavia
moaned, ‘don’t come in me, don’t come in me’, in between her panting.

After a final few thrusts of my aching cock, Flavia ground the
fullness of her cunt onto the full length of my cock.  I felt my balls
squirm in the juices that had gathered around her ass-hole.  Her cunt
muscles now clamped down in strong spasms on my cock and I felt her
womb entrance sucking at my cock-head, wanting to be filled with my

I had to pull out and only just made it.  After a final stroke of my
cock up between her cunt-lips, my cock shuddered and the first thick
wedge of my sperm arced over Flavia’s engorged clit-nub, over her
mound of thick curly black hair and splashed down in an inch wide,
thick puddle just below her full firm tits.  I wasn’t finished and my
cock shuddered a second, third and forth time and large globes of
thick sperm landed on Flavia’s belly and matted in her thick cunt

I was spent, my cock still aching, dripping the last of my sperm into
her rich bush.

Nadia came too, her fingers having thrashed her clit-nub to a loud,
rude, and deep orgasm.  She had been sucking and kneading Flavia’s
full breasts and seeing my wad of spent sperm began to lick and suck
it from Flavia’s still writhing body.  She had soon licked up my
entire first rich spurt and worked down toward Flavia’s matted, spermy
cunt hairs, taking them into her mouth, sucking my seed off.  She
began to alternate between mashing her sweet face into Flavia’s cunt
and sucking at my cock-head, probing for the last drops of sperm.  She
worked hungrily at Flavia’s cunt slit slurping out her cunt and
coating her face with shiny juices.

Eventually I flopped onto the sofa, next to Nadia.  I was spent. The
events of the evening flashed before my eyes and I soon fell into a
doze, images of Flavia and Nadia’s naked bodies swimming through my
sated mind.

I awoke to a familiar feeling – Nadia’s expert mouth had worked my
cock up into a half hard erection and I was surprised that I was
hardening more.  Nadia glanced up, and taking my cock from her mouth
and resting it against her cheek for a minute she explained, ‘he’s
only made love to her once – on their wedding night and that only
lasted a couple of minutes.  Before that she was a virgin.’  Nadia
stroked my cock absentmindedly and continued. ‘Of course, she had
girlfriends at school – we all did at the kind of boarding school we
both went too – but she knows nothing about sex with a man.  She has
never had a man in her mouth, never had any form of sex apart from
that one boring missionary position 18 months ago’.

Nadia kissed my cock head, which was again pulsing. ‘I think that she
has developed such a craving for sex that she has some kind of mania.
Hence tonight – which I enjoyed as much as you clearly did by the way
- she lost some of her inhibition.  She wanted to surprise the boss
when she came here: he tells her that he always works late on Thursday
night, and she is usually at her yoga class – she’s an expert, as you
can see by how toned and supple she is despite the baby.’  ‘I told her
that we were usually the only ones here and as she could see, we never
expect anyone.  I think that if there’s no improvement, she’ll be

The thought of having another session with these two had my cock
twitching afresh, though I knew that I wouldn’t be coming again in a
hurry.  Anyway, Nadia noticed and said, ‘Not so fast you!  It’s my
turn!’  Saying this she kneeled facing the sofa once more, and holding
her pale ass cheeks apart, said, ‘Now, where were, we?’