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best honeymoon ever

It wasn’t that he was drunk or tired. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy fucking me.
The thing was, I really wanted it, and he has ‘a thing’ of not giving me what I
want when I want it. He just went to bed, turned out the lights and said “we’ll
do it tomorrow”. I went to the bathroom and started crying. He shouted “shut
up… if you want it so badly, go get someone else to fuck you… just shut the
fuck up”. Great way to start your honeymoon.

So there I was, 25, just married, horny and pissed. Don’t get me wrong, I love
my husband, but he can be such an asshole. So, if he wants me to fuck someone
else, I just might do it. I put on a very short and sexy black dress, high
heels, thong, and no bra. I retouched my makeup, overdoing it a little bit. I
came out of the bathroom and stood at his side. I was going to wake him  up, but
that would have ruined the surprise.

I went out of the honeymoon suite, hoping that he had heard the door and was
going to come get me, but it didn’t happen. I entered the elevator, hoping that
he would stop me. I got to the lobby, and all hope was lost. I sat at the bar
and asked for a drink. Not five minutes have passed when I saw two blond guys
near the pool. Tall, muscular, very sexy. They could have been twins. I was
staring when one of them looked my way. I was like a deer caught in headlights.
I couldn’t look away. He just motioned to his friend, and started walking
towards me.

The names, I really never understood. They were some kind of European. They
understood half of what I was saying. They started buying rounds of something
really strong, and trying to make small talk. When I was starting to feel no
pain, I started talking. I told them I got married that day, and my husband was
sleeping in our room. And ‘that’ they understood  perfectly. They started
sweet-talking to me, saying things that seemed to mean “you shouldn’t be alone
right now” or “what kind of a man leaves his wife alone on their wedding
day?”… Or maybe that was what I was thinking. I remembered how he treated me,
and that he dared me to find someone to fuck me. Something must have changed in
my face or body language, because two minutes later one of them was inviting me
to their room.

“No”, I said. “Not to your room… my room. I have champagne there. Can I ask
you guys a favor?”. With that we went to the elevator, I told them my plan…
When I opened the door to my room, I was hoping they understood. They did. They
went straight to the bed, grabbed my husband, picked him up, held him, dropped
him in the balcony and locked the sliding door before he could react. “What the
fuck?” he shouted. I just put my finger to my lips and went “shh… you
said…”, but then something told me to shut up. I took a  deep breath and
turned around, walked up to one of the guys and kissed him hard. I grabbed the
back of his head, and pressed him hard against me. He responded by grabbing me
by my lower back, pressing me hard against his body. His friend walked up to me
and started undoing my dress.

I’ve never done anything near something like this, and knowing that my husband
was watching made it even hotter. I was very hot and wet. I could feel my juices
flowing. Before I knew it, I was standing there in nothing but heels and a
thong. I turned around and saw my husband’s face. He didn’t look angry, or
confused… I couldn’t tell what was going through his mind. But he was watching
me. Piercing me with his eyes.

I remembered I wasn’t alone when I felt hands in my breasts, breathing in the
back of my neck, and what had to be a dick in the crack of my ass. I felt a hand
grab my hair and pull it hard. My head tilted back, he started kissing and
biting my  neck. His friend started sucking my nipples and caressing my thighs.
My legs turned to rubber when I felt a hand in my pussy. A finger, wet from my
juices, started rubbing my clit and suddenly entered me. I moaned. They heard
me. They took me to bed.

There I was, looking at myself in the ceiling mirrors as one of them grabbed my
ankles and opened my legs as far as he could. The other one, knelt right by my
head, put one hand in my face and turned me so that his dick was just an inch
from my mouth. I opened my mouth and when he shoved his dick down my throat, his
friend did the same to my cunt. I’ve never felt anything like that before. I
lost all control over my body. It was responding to the pounding on its own. It
was trying to get as much dick inside as possible. Less than two minutes later I
was cumming as hard as I’ve ever had. I started screaming, but most of those
screams were blocked by the cock in my mouth. When I came down from that
awesome orgasm, they withdrew their dicks at the same time. I felt empty. I
wanted them inside me again. “Fuck me please… fuck me hard”, I begged.

One of them laid down on the bed and motioned me to ride him. In less than five
seconds I was on top of him with his dick inside me. He grabbed me by the neck
and pulled me towards him, kissing me very hard. His tongue exploring my mouth
as his dick was doing to my pussy. The other guy grabbed my wrists and pulled my
arms backwards, placing my hands on my ass cheeks. With his hands on top of
mine, he spread my ass cheeks to gain better access to my asshole. I had gotten
so wet from the previous orgasm that my asshole was slippery with my juices. He
let go of my hands and started exploring my ass. Before I could say anything,
not that I was going to anyway, he put a finger inside me. The sensation from
the dick in my cunt and the finger in my ass drove me to hell and back. I
started cumming again.  When they felt that, the guy on the bottom lifted me up
a bit and that way he could pound me harder. His friend put two, then three
fingers up my asshole. Still cumming, I lifted my head and found my husband’s
eyes glued to mine. Again, there was no anger, but there was a passion I’ve
never seen in him.

The guy on my ass removed his hand, spat on my asshole and said something I
didn’t understand, but his friend stopped and held me tight. Then I felt his
dick, pressing just enough to get the head inside me. He remained that way for a
couple of seconds. I was afraid it was going to hurt, but it didn’t. Then he
moved my hands from my ass cheeks, grabbed me by the hair and pulled. I didn’t
hurt either. His friend pinched my nipples hard. No pain. Then I felt it when
the guy in my ass shoved his entire dick in my ass in one hard push. I could
feel his balls resting between me and his friend. The pain was intense. Then his
friend started moving again.  The pain started to go, and he too started moving.
They had a rhythm that was driving me nuts. Two dicks at the same time, pulling
my hair, pinching my nipples. I went straight to heaven, until I felt a slap on
my ass. That drove me back to hell, and started cumming again. “Hit me harder,
you fucker. C’mon, make me scream”, I shouted. Another slap in my ass. His
friend got in on it too and started slapping my tits. “Oh my fucking God!” I
screamed. My ass was sore from the intense fucking, but I wanted more. Then the
guy fucking my pussy grabbed my face roughly and pulled me towards him. I opened
my mouth thinking that he mas going to kiss me, but instead, he spat on my face,
right near my nose and left eye. My pussy and ass started pulsating in an even
more intense orgasm. He spat again, right in my mouth. I started playing with
his saliva in my mouth, as if I was tasting it, and then made a show of letting
him know I swallowed it.

They slowed  down the pace, and suddenly removed their dicks, leaving me empty
again. As tired as I was, I wanted more, I needed more. One of them pulled me by
the hair and took me to the floor. I was on my knees and they were standing at
each side, slapping my face with their dicks. It felt wonderfully humiliating,
and I was loving every second. I grabbed their cocks and started sucking each of
them in turns, tasting my pussy and ass in them. When they were clean, they
pulled me by the hair and put me on my knees in the bed, bent me so that my
chest and face were on the bed and my ass was as high as it would go. They took
turns fucking my ass for another twenty minutes while I played with my clit. I
lost count of how many times I came. Then they turned me around. I was lying
face up, looking at myself in the mirror, still touching myself. The guys went
to my face and started jerking off. Like everything they did, they started
cumming on my face at the same time. In  my forehead, cheeks, nose, mouth, neck,
and chest. It felt hot and wonderful. I came one last time with them, and passed

I woke up when I heard the door close. They had left. My husband was still in
the balcony looking at me. With what little strength I had, I sat on the edge of
the bed, and looking at him, I started rubbing the cum on my tits. Then I picked
what was left on my face and put it in my mouth. It tasted so good. I rose and
started walking towards the balcony. I unlocked the door, and he took a step
back. I opened the door and took a step forward towards the balcony. In an
instant, he slapped me on the face very hard, grabbed me by my hair, and threw
me against the wall. He pinned me with his body and one arm, and with the other
took off his trousers. His dick was rock solid and bigger than I’ve ever seen
it. In one motion he shoved it in my pussy, hard. He started fucking me like an
animal, calling me a whore and a slut,  pulling my hair, biting my neck and
back, slapping my ass. And everything he did felt wonderful. I’ve never felt
like this with him. I started fucking him back. “Tell me I’m a whore, baby…
fuck me hard like the slut I am… Ah… Yes!”. Then he grabbed me by the hips
and buried his nails in my flesh, started pumping very hard, and exploded inside
me. I could feel his cum shooting inside me, and that drove me to my last orgasm
of the night. The best orgasm of the night. When his dick stopped pulsating, he
pulled me towards him and held me close. I’ve never felt him so loving. He
kissed me softly and said “I love you” in my ear.

We’ve been married for three years now. The sex is still good, but we both know,
even if we haven’t said anything about it, that I want to get gangbanged, and he
wants to watch, again.