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A Slave’s Lesson

From my office I call you at work, waiting patiently as your boss finds
you.  Even  he  knows what you are to me, a slave, a toy, my property to
use  as I please, at my whim. Smiling, I lean back in my chair, crossing
one  stockinged leg over the other, dangling my high heeled pump from my
toes,  anticipating  the  wonderful evening and the weekend ahead that I
have planned for us.

“Hello Mistress.” you finally whisper over the phone, sounding slightly
breathless as if you’ve run to answer my call which pleases me greatly.

“Hello my slave. It’s almost time…”

“I know, I can’t wait to get out of here and be with you.”

“You’ll  find instructions on the table when you get home, follow them
closely pet or suffer the consequences.” I hear your breathing change as
you  become instantly aroused, imagine you turning your back to everyone
to hide the fact that your cock is now hard beneath your jeans.

“Yes Mistress.” you answer obediently, and the tone of your voice, the
submission in it makes my nipples pebble in response.

“Tell me what I want to hear slave..” I whisper, voice huskier now as I
uncross  my  legs, spreading them a little, causing my short black skirt
to ride farther up my thighs.

“You  own me, body, heart and soul Mistress.” you answer softly, voice
deep with emotion.

“That’s right, you belong to me, and only me.” my fingers slide up the
inside  of  my  thigh, beneath my skirt, stroking the satin panties that
cover  my shaved pussy, shivering, sighing into the phone. “I can’t wait
to  use you, I’m touching myself right now, wishing you were here, under
my  desk  so  I  could  grind  my hot pussy into your face, force you to
service me.”

You groan softly into the phone and I imagine you shuddering with need,
your  knees  weak  as you try not to think about what I’ve described, or
how long it’s been since you’ve been allowed to cum.

“Is my cock hard slave?” I ask, feeling my moisture already wetting my
panties as I think about you standing there in front of everyone with an
obvious hard-on.

“Oh God yes Mistress.”

“I could keep talking while I masturbate myself,” my fingers slip under
the  satin now, finding my clit, circling it as I moan softly. “Make you
cum with me, in front of everyone you work with, couldn’t I slut?”

“Yes  Mistress,  you  know  you  could  if  you chose to.” you answer,
sounding tortured, voice strained now.

“Make  you  cum for me with just the sound of my voice and the thought
that I’m stroking my wet pussy, cumming as you listen to me.”


“Yes what slave?” I ask threateningly.

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry.”

“You should be you forgetful whore.”

“Please forgive me Mistress.”

“We’ll see about that later. I have to go, and don’t disappoint me this
evening slave or you will regret it.”

“No Mistress, I won’t.”

After we hang up I relax back in my chair again with a smile, thinking
about  how you have to go back to work for a few minutes, your cock hard
and aching in your pants as you recall everything I’ve said.

When  you  arrive  at  home  you  find  the  instructions  I spoke of,
handwritten on my monogrammed stationery.


You  are to shower immediately, on the bed you will find I’ve laid out
your  cock ring, and a good sized buttplug, you will wear both and dress
in  the  clothes  you’ll  also find. You will then drive to our favorite
restaurant where I will be waiting for you. Do not be late, you know how
I hate to be kept waiting.

With  a  shiver  of  anticipation you rush to do my bidding, showering
thoroughly  but  in record time, putting on the cock ring, inserting the
buttplug,  and  dressing  in  the black dress pants and dark blue button
down shirt I’ve left you. Your cock remains hard from the stimulation of
the toys and is slightly visible beneath the pants, but I’ve left you no
underwear and so you have no choice other than to go as you are.

I wait for you at our table, slowly sipping on a long island iced tea,
eyes on the door. When I see you walk in a thrill races through me as it
hits me that I actually do own this man, just as you’ve told me earlier,
body,  heart  and  soul.  Our eyes lock as you cross the room slowly, we
exchange a secret, soft smile that turns heads in both our directions.

You  slide into the circular shaped booth, pushing the table cloth out
of your way, stopping when your knee brushes mine. “Hello Mistress.”

“Hello  my slave.” I whisper with a smile, turning toward you, leaning
closer. “Kiss me.” I command, my hand on your thigh under the table.

With a soft moan of need your lips cover mine and we kiss passionately
as  my  hand  slides  higher up your leg, tasting with lips and tongues,
hungry  for  each  other.  After  a moment I raise my head, eyes holding
yours  as  my  hand  covers your hard cock, stroking it’s length through
your pants, checking to make sure you’ve followed my instructions.

“Very  good my love.” I whisper to you as your eyes nearly drift shuft
from the pleasure of my touch on your aroused flesh.

The waiter clears his throat and I look up at him with a smile, my hand
still  on  your  cock  under the table, squeezing, caressing. Casually I
order  you  a drink and when he leaves I turn back to you, noticing that
your skin is flushed, a slight sheen of perspiration on your brow.

“You  like  that  don’t you pet?” I ask huskily, leaning close to you,
affording  you a clear view of my ample cleavage as my white silk blouse
opens slightly.

“God  yes  Mistress…  maybe  too  much.” you admit, your eyes on the
creamy upper swells of my breasts, licking your lips unconciously.

“You want to cum don’t you?”

“Desperately Mistress, yes.”

“You’ll get what you want, later.” I promise, casually moving away from
you as the waiter brings your drink, asking if we’re ready to order.

I  order dinner for both of us which seems to totally throw the waiter
off  balance,  I smile at him sexily, winking when I’ve finished telling
him what we want, laughing softly as he walks away, blushing.

The conversation turns to normal everyday things as we wait for dinner,
work,  family,  friends.  Occassionally  my  hand  wanders up your thigh
again, touching, teasing while I talk on innocently.

Finally  dinner  arrives  and as with everything, it quickly becomes a
sexual  tease  as we feed each other bits of food, licking from fingers,
tasting  from  each  other’s lips. We draw many looks from the people at
our  neighboring  tables  and I whisper to you that it’s mostly jealousy
over the intensity of what we have, and you agree with a smile.

After dessert I slide even closer to you, my hand moving into your lap
as  my  eyes  hold  yours.  “I  have  a  surprise for you tonight slave,
actually more than one, and you’re going to love them.” I feel your cock
instantly respond beneath your pants and stroke it slowly.

“Yes  Mistress.”  you  whisper, voice soft with submission, so at odds
with  your  appearance.  Tall and strong, dark hair barely brushing your
shoulders,  you’ve  let  it  grow  long for me, the goatee trimmed to my
specifications.  No  one would ever guess at a glance that I control you
completely, that you obey my every command eagerly, no matter what I ask
of you.

“You’re  to  drive  home in your car and wait for me there. I won’t be
long, and I expect you to be ready for me, collar and cock ring, nothing
else.  Understand??”  my  tone  demanding  as I squeeze your cock rather

“Yes ma’am.”

“Very  good  pet,  I’ll  see  you  there.”  kissing your lips briefly,
dismissing you as I move away.

Home once again, you undress and put your collar on, hanging the short
leash  from the ring on the front. Your cock is now aching and throbbing
from  the state of constant arousal this evening has brought, and as you
kneel to wait you long to stroke it, seek some relief. But you know it’s
no longer your cock, and you must have my permission to touch it in that
way, so you suffer the pain with a slight smile curving your lips.

As promised, I don’t keep you waiting long and a sigh of relief leaves
you  as  you  hear  my car in the drive. You watch the door expectantly,
smiling in welcome as it opens. I return the smile as I walk in, pulling
someone  else along behind me with the leash in my hand. Your eyes widen
as  you  look from her to me and back again. Her blonde hair in contrast
with  my  dark,  slenderness a contrast to my curves, and her completely
submissive  presence  the  opposite  of  my  dominant  one.  Without any
instruction  she  drops  the  trenchcoat  revealing her naked body to us
both, I watch your eyes run up and down her body, lingering on her small
breasts, the pierced nipples.

Dropping her leash I walk over to you and slap your face hard. “Eyes on
the floor slut.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry.” you stammer, lowering your eyes obediently.

“You  like  her  don’t  you slave?” I ask softly, and not knowing what
answer  will  please  me  you hesitate a moment too long, and I slap you
again. “Answer me.”

“Yes, yes Mistress, she’s very pretty.”

Turning back to her I point at the floor beside you. “Kneel slave.”

She moves quickly to do my bidding, a well trained little whore without
a  doubt.  Kneeling  there next to you she looks so tiny and vulnerable,
her eyes on the floor, and a thrill races through me knowing that she is
also completely at my mercy for this evening.

“You want to fuck her don’t you pet?”

“If it’s what you wish Mistress.” you answer softly, causing me to sigh
heavily, walking closer to you as I do.

“That’s not what I asked you slave, I know whether or not I want you to
fuck  her.”  Grabbing  your  chin I force you to tip your head back, and
your  eyes  meet  mine  because you know this is what I want. “I want to
know if you want to fuck her, now answer me.”

“Yes  Mistress.”  no  hesitation this time and I smile at you, fingers
stroking  your  jaw,  then moving back into your hair, slowly caressing,
making you shiver in response.

“Yes  Mistress  what….” I ask, encouraging you to say it, licking my
lips seductively.

“Yes  Mistress I want to fuck her…. please.” you whisper back to me,
voice  almost  desperate  as  I move even closer, your eyes heavy lidded
with desire.

“You’ll have to convince me you want it badly enough, I’m not going to
just  give  it  to  you.” my tone teasing as I move my foot between your
legs, rubbing against your cock and balls with my stockinged leg, making
you  moan  and  shudder,  laughing  softly at you. “Undress me slave.” I
order, moving back slightly.

“Yes Mistress.” your hands shake as you reach around me to unbutton my
skirt,  letting it fall to the floor around my feet, taking it away when
I  step  out  of  it.  Your  eyes  meet mine briefly before you begin to
unbutton my blouse, I shrug out of it, and I’m left standing in front of
you  in  a  white corset with garters, stockings and high heels, nothing
else.  I watch as your eyes linger on my naked pussy for a moment before
dropping back to the floor.

I  turn  away, walking across the room slowly toward the hallway “Come
slaves.”  not  looking  to  see  if  you  both  follow  as I go into the
playroom,  not  needing to. The spare bedroom at the end of the hall has
been decorated by me, for my pleasure. A queen size four poster bed with
only  a  sheet,  no blankets, a wooden sawhorse sitting in a corner, and
hooks  in  the  ceiling with chains hanging from them in various places.
The  only  other  furniture  is  a  straight backed wooden chair and the
cherry armoire which holds all my tools and instruments of torture.

I unlock it, pulling out a pair of leather wrist restraints, turning to
you.  Like  the  dutiful  slave  you are, you hold out your hands to me,
allowing  me  to lock the restraints on. Then I hook you to a set of the
chains, hands above your head, facing the bed.

I walk around you slowly, trailing my long fingernails over your chest,
then  your  back, finally sliding down over your ass, making you tremble
with  longing.  I  turn to the female slave where she waits patiently by
the  door,  eyes  downcast.  “Get  on the bed slut.” I tell her, and she
moves  quickly  to  do so, lying on her back. “Spread your legs, show my
pet your wet cunt, Now!”

She  obeys,  spreading her legs wide, reaching down to spread her lips
too,  showing  you her wet pink hole, swollen with need. I hear you moan
softly  and  turn  to you with a wicked smile, looking down at your hard
cock, almost purple now, a drip of precum glistening at it’s tip.

“She  has  a  pretty  pink pussy doesn’t she slave?” I ask you, moving
closer, reaching out to caress your chest.

“Oh yes Mistress, she does.” you answer, voice sounding pained.

“I’ll let you taste it later, you’ll love it.” I whisper, hand sliding
lower,  over  your  stomach,  and  I feel your breath catch as you wait,
hoping  for  a  more  intimate caress. “And if you’re very good, I might
even  let  you  fuck it with my cock, maybe.” my hand closing around the
very thing I’m talking about, making you groan loudly.

“I’ll be good Mistress, I swear it.”

“You’d  better  be.”  I  warn, giving you a last squeeze before moving
away,  walking  over  to  the  armoire again, taking some things out and
walking over to the nightstand by the bed where I put them down. “Sit up
slut.”  I  say to her and she obeys silently, sitting crosslegged facing
me, head hanging down, blonde hair partially covering her face.

“This  one  doesn’t  say much, she’s been very well trained.” I say to
you,  playing  with two wide rubber bands, stretching them as you watch.
“She loves pain though, don’t you whore?”

“Yes Mistress.” she answers, her voice a husky whisper.

“Does she belong to you also Mistress?” you ask, a touch of jealousy in
your voice.

“No, her Master is an old dear friend of mine, she’s just on loan to me
for  as long as I care to use her.” her breasts are the perfect size for
me  to  wrap the rubber band around, it squeezes her just enough to make
the  blood throb in them, not so much as to cut off her circulation. She
sighs  softly  as  I  then pull on both her nipple rings, twisting them,
reaching  for  something  else  from  the  nightstand.  Twin  weights on
alligator  hooks  that  I hang from the rings, pulling her nipples down,
and now she moans at the intense sensation.

“Her  best talent though is sucking cock. I’ve seen her suck three men
off  in  less  than  ten  minutes, she loves it.” turning I smile at you
wickedly.  “Of  course  they were all doms who didn’t need permission to
cum.  I’m  more interested in seeing how long you can hold out with your
cock  in  her  mouth,  knowing  you’ll  be punished when you do cum.” my
fingers tangle in her hair, pulling her off the bed to stand, giving her
a rough shove in your direction. “Suck my slave’s cock whore.”

Hands on my hips I watch as she drops to her hands and knees, crawling
toward  you  slowly.  You’re  watching her, the weights hanging from her
nipples,  swaying as she crawls, eyes on your cock as she licks her lips
in  anticipation.  Kneeling  in  front  of  you  she opens her mouth and
swallows  your hard cock in one movement, her nose against your belly as
she  begins  to suck and lick at you, head bobbing back and forth as she
takes you down her throat again and again.

“Oh fuck… Mistress please, it’s been so long. Let me cum, I beg you.”
you shudder, every muscle in your body tense as you try to fight it off,
voice full of the pain of denial, brow already beaded with sweat.

“No,  this is my game, we play by my rules. The longer it takes her to
make  you  cum,  the  more  lenient I’ll be with you, and the harsher on
her.”  I  answer  unsympathetically, climbing onto the bed as you watch,
leaning  back  against the headboard, legs spread, one knee raised, foot
on the bed, affording you a perfect view of my pussy.

My  words  seem  to encourage her even more, make her hungrier for the
taste  of your cum and she begins to groan loudly as she sucks at you, a
vibration  you  can  feel  as  she  deepthroats  you.  Closing your eyes
tightly,  you  grimace,  fighting  it,  trying  to hold it off, moaning,
swearing,  making incoherent sounds. When you open your eyes it’s to see
me fingering my clit, the other hand on my breast, fingers squeezing the
nipple roughly, twisting it.

You’re  powerless  to  look  away  as  I  slide  my finger into my wet
throbbing  hole,  hips  squirming  on  the bed as I watch another female
sucking  my  cock,  my property. Eyes half closed with desire I bring my
finger, glistening with my own moisture, to my mouth, sucking it clean.

“Oh  God!  Ahhh  fuck……” your body convulses as you shoot your hot
load down her throat, cumming so long and hard you nearly choke her with
it.  “I’m  sorry  Mistress,  I’m  sorry.” you nearly sob the words, eyes
holding mine as you continue to shiver in the aftermath.

I merely smile, watching as she swallows every drop of your cum, licks
you clean, and returns to her slave pose, eyes on the floor.

“Hmmm,  I  think  perhaps you deserve equal punishment.” I finally say
long  moments  later,  getting up, dragging her to her feet by her hair.
Finding  another  pair  of  restraints  in  the armoire, I attach her to
another  set  of  chains  beside you so that she is also facing the bed.
Riding  crop  in  hand I walk back around in front of you, noticing that
your  cock  is  still  semi-hard,  I  caress it with the tip of the crop

“Did  you  enjoy  having my cock in another slave’s mouth pet?” I ask,
sliding it up over your stomach and chest, slapping it lightly against a

“Yes Mistress.”

Moving  over  to her I do the same, first caressing her with the crop,
then  slapping  her nipple with it. “And did you enjoy having my cock in
your mouth whore?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you.” she answers softly, still licking her lips,
tasting you.

“You’re  welcome slave.” I smile, walking away, toward the door. “I’ll
be  back in a moment with punishment for you both, don’t go anywhere.” I
laugh softly, opening the door and leaving.

Chained there it seems like hours to you both before you hear the door
open  again,  but  actually  it’s only been a few minutes. You look over
your shoulder to see me enter the room with a man wearing blue jeans and
a  black  t-shirt,  his  blonde  hair  just  long  enough  to  brush his
shoulders,  eyes  a piercing blue. He looks right past you to the female
who gasps softly when she sees him.

“Master?” she asks in disbelief as he walks past you toward her.

“Hello little one.” his fingers slowly trail down her upraised arm and
exposed ribs.

“What are you doing here?” she asks, shivering from his touch, sighing
as he moves away to stand by the bed, smiling at her wickedly.

“You  didn’t  think  I  was  going to miss out on all this fun did you
slave?”  he  chuckles  softly,  holding  out  a hand to me which I take.
Pulling  me closer, his free hand covers my breast as he lowers his head
to kiss me playfully.

“Sonofabitch!” I hear you say loudly, and turn to watch as you struggle

“What’s  the matter slave?” I ask coolly, my hand on his chest, moving
slowly lower.

“Don’t  do  this……please.”  you  beg roughly, still pulling at the
restraints that bind you.

“Why not? And stop that.”

Standing  still  now  you  answer, eyes holding mine. “Because I can’t
stand  to watch, please Mistress.” your voice soft again, yet desperate,
full of pain.

“But  I  watched  as she sucked your cock and made you cum. This is no
different  than that.” I answer sensibly, snuggling closer to him as his
hand covers my ass, stroking, pulling me firmly against his side.

“Yes,  and  what’s  good  for the goose….” he begins the phrase then
stops when his mouth covers mine in a hot, passionate kiss that makes my
knees  weak.  I  cling  to  him  as  his  hands  wander over me roughly,
restlessly, both of us breathing hard when he finally raises his head.

Eager now, extremely aroused, I nearly rip his shirt off over his head,
hands  going next to the buttons on his jeans, undoing three of them and
pushing  them  down  over  his hips, taking underwear with them, backing
away  as  he  bends  over  to remove the rest. I hear her moan softly, a
whimper of protest as he takes a step toward me almost threateningly.

“How do you want it?” he asks, hard cock jutting straight out from his
body,  drawing  my gaze like a magnet as I feel moisture trickle down my

“I feel like a bitch in heat tonight, let’s fuck doggiestyle.” I answer
with  a very naughty grin, turning to climb onto the bed on my hands and
knees,  giving  the two of you a perfect view from the side as he crawls
onto the bed behind me.

“Ooo  yeah,”  he  says as he runs his fingers over my wet pussy. “I do
love a woman who gets soaking wet the way you do my dear.”

Wiggling  my  ass  at him I tremble, groaning as he shoves two fingers
into  my  hot  throbbing fuck hole only to pull them out again and shove
his long hard cock in instead, ramming it home with one hard stroke.

“Oh yes, fuck yes!” I scream, bucking back against him as he begins to
fuck me hard and fast, slamming into me, balls slapping my pussy.

I  turn to look at the two slaves as we bump and grind into each other
like  animals  on the bed. Her head hangs down, hair obscuring her face,
but  I  see her shoulders shaking as she sobs, refusing to watch. Then I
look  at  you,  our  eyes  locking  across the distance as you struggle,
pulling at the chains, your wrists rubbed raw by the leather restraints.

Your eyes are wild, lips drawn back in a snarl, and I know that if you
were  to  get loose you’d tear him apart like a rabid wolf for daring to
even  touch  me,  let  alone this. The thought makes me shudder, moaning
loudly  as  my  body  tenses, spasming uncontrollably, the muscles in my
pussy clamping down on him as I cum.

“Oh  God…  I’m  cumming!”  I  scream  as it crashes over me, sobbing
incoherent  words as I feel him stiffen, shooting his hot load deep into
me  as  he  groans,  shuddering, my pussy clenching him, milking the cum
from his cock.

We collapse onto the bed in a sweaty, heavy breathing heap, not moving
for a long moment. Finally he props himself up on an elbow and smiles at

“Do you think they understood the lesson here?”he asks, reaching out to
brush the hair away from my face.

“I certainly hope so.”

“How we sometimes have to suffer feelings of jealousy to fulfill their
fantasies,  and  that  it’s  only  fair  that they do the same for us on
occassion?”  his  eyes on her as he speaks, she raises her head, meeting
his eyes, her love and devotion for him laid bare.

“I think they understand.” I answer, smiling at you, knowing from your
expression  that  it’s hard for you to accept. But also knowing that you
will  because you know you belong to me, and that I, in a different way,
also belong to you, and no one else.