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A Busty Student

Because of her obvious attributes, 18 year old Amber received a whole lot of
attention from the male species, and not just from boys her own age! The
male teachers always paid a little more heed than they did to other more
normally endowed girls, and while Amber didn’t overtly flaunt it, she loved
to make the boys (and men) squirm around her by accentuating her ripe bust.
Her favorite victim was wimpy Mr. Fields the government (yuk!!!} teacher.
Amber loved nothing more than to unbutton the top two buttons on her blouse,
go up to a seated Mr. Fields, then bend over to ask an innocuous question
for sole purpose of giving him an eye full of cleavage. She did this just to
tease, really, not to cause any real trouble, but trouble is exactly what
Amber was getting into. With two weeks left in the semester all the teachers
handed out progress reports to let the students know where they stood grade
wise. Amber had always done well in school and her parents expected nothing
less than honor roll type marks. Everything was OK until Mr. Fields handed
out the notices that fateful Friday afternoon. A D!!! She was getting a D in
government!!! This was not only bad, it was a disaster!!! Her folks might
tolerate one C on her report card–but a D would mean a one months
grounding. No social life for a whole month! Amber decided that she would
talk to Mr. Fields after the day’s final period, maybe if she pleaded with
him maybe she could pull a C after all .

As the last bell rang students began fleeing the school like lemmings
jumping into the sea, until soon the whole place was pretty much empty,
leaving Amber as one of the few students left in the building. Hoping that
Mr. Fields would be alone as she approached the government classroom, Amber
stuck her head around the corner of the door only to see Mr. Fields alone
grading some papers. She quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons on her
blouse and entered the room. As she neared his desk Me. Fields looked up
from his grading and asked what she wanted. Amber, acting properly upset,
told Mr. Fields of her plight, and although he was sympathetic, he said
there wasn’t anything he could do for her. After hearing this, Amber began
to cry, causing Mr. Fields came over and put his arm around her to help her
sit down, while accidentally brushing his hand across her fat breast. At
this point she had to make a quick decision, and with a little shiver she
told Mr. Fields that it was something else that was really bothering her. ”
It’s my chest,” she wailed, “I feel like such a cow with these two big
things stuck to me, everybody stares at me, I’m just a freak!” At that point
she started crying even harder while wiping the tears from her eyes.

Obviously flustered, the teacher tried to console her by telling her she
looked just fine and not to worry about what anyone else thought. Amber
replied, “That’s easy for you to say, you don’t have these ugly things on
your chest!” It was now or never, so after taking a deep breath, with a
swift motion unbuttoned her blouse and stuck her boobs out towards Mr.
Fields and said, “Just look at how ugly they are, I’ll bet you’ve never seen
any that are worse!?!” The totally stunned teacher just stared at the most
spectacular pair of tits he had ever seen, and while they strained against
the thin nylon low cut lace bra, Amber’s dark nipples were clearly visible
through the nearly transparent material! Mr. Fields’ wife looked like an
adolescent boy compared to this!!! Seeing how confused he was, Amber took
the initiative and put his hand on one of her huge tits. She felt him try to
pull away so she held on to his hand even tighter, acting as if he were
repulsed at the thought of touching them and cried even harder, and while he
assured her that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her and that he
enjoyed touching them, she said she didn’t believe him and turned away as if
to hide them from him. As he again tried to reassure her Amber turned back
around only this time she had unclasped the front of her bra allowing her
boobs to hang free!!!

Amber at first thought he might die of shock! His head was spinning! He
tried to speak, but no words came out and Amber then stepped up to him and
said, “The only way you can prove to me that my boobs are not ugly is if you
would suck them for me,” and with that she pushed an engorge nipple towards
his gaping mouth! It was to much for him to bear, and after only a moment’s
hesitation, he dove in and began sucking and licking for all he was worth!!!
Although he was going a little wild, Amber had to admit he was a good tit
sucker, the more he sucked the wetter she got! She looked down an could see
that a large tent had formed in the front of Mr. Field’s trousers, so she
calmly reached down and began to rub him through his pants causing a large
wet precum spot to quickly appear at the point of the “teepee!!!

She deftly undid his zipper and pulled out what turned out to be a very
large cock, and at the sight of it Amber dropped to her knees and greedily
began to suck the huge member, while Mr. Fields leaned back against the wall
not believing any of this was happening to him!!! Just as he was about to
cum Amber looked up and asked if she was really doing D work? He shook his
head no and mouthed the word “A”. At that point she went down hard and
sucked until he shot a huge load down her waiting throat. As he became limp
in her mouth his breathing returned to normal, and Amber stood up, cupped
her tits, and began to twist the nipples, making them stand out like two
thimbles. Immediately Mr. Fields’ dick began to stiffen again, so Amber
hiked up her dress, slipped off her panties in one easy motion, and then
after sitting on the edge of his desk with her legs held wide open exposing
her wet pussy, she merely licked her lips and nodded of her head to indicate
he was stick that big prick deep inside of her!!! She came once just from
his initial thrust, and he pounded her cunt with fast piston like strokes
until she came over and over again, until finally he groaned and emptied his
hot load, deep in her boiling pussy.